The Vietnamese Embassy in Moscow on August 5 held the 42 nd traditional meeting with former Russian experts, who have helped Vietnam during the war in the country.

Representatives from the Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Russian Veteran’s Association, the interregional public organisation representing Russian veterans of the Vietnam war (MOOVVV), the Russia- Vietnam Frienship Association, the Moscow Veteran Committee, the Moscow Peace Foundation, the Association of Vietnamese people and bussinesses in Russia, along with hundreds of Russian veterans, who worked in Vietnam, attended the meeting.

Speaking at the opening, Chairman of MOOVVV Nikolai Kolesnik highlighted the undauntedness and bravery of the Vietnamese army and people in their fight against invaders to protect the country as well as Russian experts’ great and effective support for Vietnam .

Ambassador Pham Xuan Son recalled the heroic struggle of the country’s army and people. He highly valued the great assistances to Vietnam by the Russian people.

He thanked the experts and said he hoped that they will continue to contribute to promoting the traditional friendship relations and strategic partnership in all fields between Vietnam and Russia in the future./.