The Asian Culture House of an overseas Vietnamese has been inaugurated in Buenos Aires, aiming at promoting exchanges of culture, trade, and education between Asian communities and Argentina.

At the ceremony on July 24, Argentina’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain highlighted the government’s policy to expand all-around cooperation with Asian nations within the South-South partnership framework.
He underlined Asia’s potential and called for stronger cooperation in different channels, including people-to-people diplomacy in bid to fully tap the potential and further tighten friendship.

The Deputy Minister also affirmed the support the host government will provide for the activities held by the House in the future.

Pham Lien, executive manager of the House, said the house is expected to bring together people from different cultures closer for the common wealth of the nations.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Nguyen Dinh Thao hailed the contributions the overseas Vietnamese community has made to fostering cooperation between the two countries.

He expressed the support for the initiative as well as other activities conducted by the community to better integrate into the local society.

He affirmed that the Party and the State always consider overseas Vietnamese community as an indispensible part of the nation.-VNA