The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts in France (AVSE) hosted the first economic and financial seminar at the Panthéon Sorbonne University in Paris on June 24, with experts, lecturers and students from Paris and some French cities taking part.

The two-day event aims to provide latest information on Vietnam’s macro and micro-economy as well as scientific research on economy and finance made by Vietnamese intellectuals in France, in the hope of offering more reference to policymakers in the country’s industrialisation and modernisation.

The speakers presented issues such as the clean development mechanism in Vietnam, practices in businesses’ organisational and efficiency innovation, analyses of the chain of values applied to micro-finance in Vietnam’s rural areas, bond market and risk management in investment funds.

Some issues concerning Vietnam’s stimulus policy, monetary policy and macro-economic stabilisation were also enthusiastically discussed.

The second seminar was scheduled to take place in the French eastern city of Strasbourg by 2012.

AVSE was established one month ago and this event will mark a series of its upcoming activities this year./.