Vietnamese experts to attend Cannes Film Festival hinh anh 1Cannes Film Market in France (Photo: French Embassy in Vietnam)

Hanoi (VNA) - Participating in the Cannes Film Market, Vietnam’s young generation of cinematographers have the opportunity to gain experience and interact with commercial activities in the world of cinema.

Two Vietnamese film experts, producer Phan Vu Hang (Hoan Khue Film Studio-HKFILM) and Ngo Thi Phuong Thanh, Head of Strategy and Distribution at Tu Van Pictures, won tickets to the Film Market of Cannes Film Festival in France from May 17 to 25.

They were the first to be selected to participate in the Fast Track To Cannes Market programme organised by the French Embassy in Vietnam in cooperation with the Film Market to support the internationalisation of Vietnamese cinema.

Mr. Nicolas Warnery, French Ambassador to Vietnam, said that the Vietnamese film industry is eager for international cooperation and expertise. Therefore, it is very urgent to give opportunities to their young professionals to come to Cannes Film Festival.

 “Vietnam is a country of 98 million people, which had only 90 cinemas in 2010 but now has more than 1,200 cinemas across the country. In recent years, Vietnam's film market is mainly domestic productions, accounting for 35 to 40 percent. This is a strong growing film industry but there are few opportunities to communicate with global cinema,” the French Ambassador suggested.

Vietnamese experts to attend Cannes Film Festival hinh anh 2Poster of 578 Magnum by Director Luong Dinh Dung (Photo: Tu Van Pictures)

With the participation of 12,500 people from 121 countries, the Film Market is the first place to meet and exchange business cooperation opportunities on the global cinema scene.

During the first two days, young professionals will work under the guidance of Mr. Jérémy Segay, Southeast Asia Audiovisual Attaché at the French Embassy in Vietnam.

Jérémy will introduce the various locations, activities and events of the Film Market. He also plans to give them the opportunity to meet many leading French and international experts to gain a better understanding of the different methods of marketing and strategies affecting the export and promotion of cinema to international markets.

Vietnamese experts to attend Cannes Film Festival hinh anh 3Actor Tran Anh Khoa in “Rom” (Photo: HKFILM)

At the end of the programme, they will meet Mr. Jérôme Paillard and Mr. Guillaume Esmiol, two directors of the Film Market, to discuss their experiences as well as about the film industry in Vietnam.

“The programme offers an unprecedented opportunity for young professionals of Vietnamese cinema to gain experience, expand their network, and gain exposure to commercial and advertising activities of other cinemas around the world within the framework of the Film Market and the Cannes Film Festival,” said Jérôme Paillard, director of the Film Market.

Mr. Guillaume Esmiol also expressed his delight at the presence of a large number of Southeast Asian and especially Vietnamese experts at the 2022 Film Market.

Within the framework of the Film Market, there will be many seminars on different topics such as how to make films in the new era, cinema development trends, and creative teams in the film industry, among others.

HKFILM has produced many famous Vietnamese films in recent times such as "Blood Moon Party" and "Rom", which won a high prize at the 2019 Busan Film Festival.

Tu Van Pictures' latest work is the action film “578 Magnum”, which is expected to premiere in Vietnam from May 20. This is the work C18+ by director Luong Dinh Dung. The film was done in post-production in the Republic of Korea and Vietnam. The design and action team is from the Republic of Korea, led by director Oh Sea Young, who has appeared in many international blockbusters such as "Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Snowpiercer," "Gongjo".  In addition, Mike Newell, the famous director of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" also participated as a script consultant for the film./.