About 67 contemporary feature and short films by Vietnamese directors and overseas Vietnamese will be screened throughout the United States between April 7 and 17 as part of the Vietnam International Film Festival.

The biennial event, first organised in the US in 2003, will feature works by film makers from Australia , Canada , France , Germany , the Philippines , Britain , China and Vietnam .

The films will be screened throughout southern California with screenings at UC Irvine, Edwards University Town Centre 6, UCLA in Los Angeles and the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana . Admission for high school students and senior citizens will be free.

Movies from Vietnam chosen to take part in the festival include Choi Voi (Adrift), Canh Dong Bat Tan (Floating Lives), Bay Rong (Clash), 14 Ngay Phep (14 Days Off), Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro (Bright Kisses) and Sai Gon Yo!

Bich Hanh, the producer of Floating Lives, said the film would be screened at 10 universities throughout the US before reaching the event.

Sai Gon Yo! by director Stephane Gauger, who has also directed Cu va Chim Se Se (Owl and the Sparrow), will be screened at the premiere on April 7.

The festival has been organised by the Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association and UCLA's Vietnamese Language and Culture Centre./.