The Vietnamese film Bi, Don't be afraid produced in 2010 is currently being screened at the 2nd French-language film festival in Paris.

The 92-minute film, a co-operative project between Vietnamese director Phan Dang Di and French producer Clair Agnes Lajoumard, is about a family through the eyes of a six year old boy.

Audiences have engaged in considerable discussion about the film, some who profess that it's atypical of Vietnam's film industry while others consider it a new approach to film making which is comforting and providing a new look for many Vietnamese old-fashioned audiences.

The film debut attracted a large number of people including Le Hong Chuong, director of Vietnam cultural centre in France, and Philippe Kaltench, vice president of IIe-de-France Regional Council, in charge of Europe and international affairs and many overseas Vietnamese from different parts of the world, including Canada, Belgium, Cambodia, Switzerland and Nigeria.

Bi, Don't Be Afraid was introduced and won the award for best Screenplay at the Cannes International Critic's Week in 2010 and the Best Film award at the Asian Film Festival in 2011./.