A Vietnamese film, entitled Nuoc 2030 (Water 2030), will be opening the Berlin International Film Festival's Panorama selection for the first time, dtinews.vn website reported.

The movie, directed by Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh, will be screened at 9pm (Berlin time) on February 6.

According to the organisers, it has been seven years since an Asian movie was selected to be the opening film for the Panorama selection.

Nuoc 2030 was filmed in 2013, completed in 2014 and based on the novella Nuoc Nhu Nuoc Mat (Water that Looks Like Tears) by writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu.

The mystery thriller is set in 2030, when half of southern Vietnam has been submerged under seawater because of climate change so people harvest crops on floating farms.

When the husband of Sao, the heroine, dies, she starts to investigate his death and finds herself a job on a floating farm run by her former lover. Here, she discovers that genetically modified products pose a huge risks to human health.

Nuoc 2030 is the third Vietnamese movie selected for Panorama, after Giot Le Ha Long (The Tear Drop Pearl of Ha Long) in 1995 and Hotboy Noi Loan (Rebel Hot Boy) in 2012.-VNA