The film “Choi voi” (Adrift) directed by Bui Thac Chuyen has won a prize awarded by the International Film Critics’ Federation (Fipresci) at the 66 th Venice Film Festival in Italy , the world’s oldest film festival.

The Vietnamese film competed in the Orizonti, a festival programme of world premiere films giving an overview of new trends in cinema, but failed to get any prize.

Choi voi tells the story of newlyweds Hai and Duyen (Hai Yen), the complex feelings between Duyen and her close girlfriend Cam (Pham Linh Dan), and the carnal passion between Duyen and Tho, a sexually attractive man.

The main Fipresci prize goes to “Lourdres” of Austrian director Jessica Hausner.

Fipresci is a 65-year-old organisation which works to protect and encourage independent film production.

The Fipresci prize, awarded on the sidelines of international festivals, aims to promote cinematography and encourage new and young film directors and cinemas.

Choi voi will premiere domestically later this year and take part in film festivals in Toronto, Vancouver and London./.