A Vietnamese fishing and all crew on board have been detained by the Navy of Brunei and they to Brunei ’s port of Muara , according to the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry.

“The Vietnamese Embassy in Brunei said: the Bruneian side informed that the Navy of Brunei detained the fishing vessel PY 90368 (Phu Yen province) with captain Vo Van Tu and eight crew members while they are fishing in the Bruneian sea at 12:00 on July 13, 2011, and brought the ship and crew to the port of Muara (Brunei),” said the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department on July 16.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Brunei has sent staff to Muara port to work with local concerned agencies, met and encouraged the fishermen as soon as receiving the information, the source said, adding that the crew members’ health are in good condition.

The Foreign Ministry said it has order its relevant units to closely work with Brunei ’s concerned agencies to implement measures on citizens’ protection and promptly solve the incident, according to the source./.