Vietnamese cuisine has become popular in the Czech Republic, local media said, citing results of a recent survey.

According to the survey, 85 percent of the interviewed people gave the thumbs up for Vietnamese food served at restaurants in the capital city of Prague. Up to 67 percent of them said they frequently order the food, 19 percent said they enjoyed Vietnamese food very frequently while one percent make it part of their daily diet.

The popularity of Vietnamese food can be seen in the large number of restaurants serving the food in streets in downtown Prague, with most filled with customers. Many restaurants have Vietnamese names, as do dishes on their menus.

As the food’s demand is increasing significantly, many Vietnamese living in Czech are investing heavily in opening restaurants.

The Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic has been recognized as an ethnic minority since 2013. Most of them have well integrated into the host society but managed to maintain the way they cook their food and gradually make it a messenger of the Vietnamese culture.

With a balance between fresh herbs, meats and selective use of spice to reach fine taste, Vietnamese food is said to be one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.-VNA