Vietnamese, French researchers explore wide-ranging partnerships hinh anh 1Professor Nguyen Van Minh, Director of the Hanoi National University of Education, speaks at the seminar (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The time-honoured relations and age-old educational and cultural exchange have allowed many Vietnamese and French researchers to explore long and short-term cooperation in the fields.

“French culture and education have made curtain influence on the fields of Vietnam, in terms of architecture, literature, language, among others,” Professor Nguyen Van Minh, Director of the Hanoi National University of Education said at a scientific seminar themed “Vietnamese – French cultural exchange: Achievements and perspective”.

Meanwhile, Professor Michel Espagne, Director of the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and Director of the LABEX-TransferS under the École Normale Supérieure said “young French scholars and researchers are increasingly interested in Vietnam’s academy and scientific studies”.


French is significant in Vietnam as a significant part of archives in Vietnam are in French and there are many renowned Vietnamese writers who write and publish their books in French, which inspired generations of French writers, according to the professor.

Etienne Rolland-Piegue, Counselor for Cultural and Cooperative Affairs of the French Embassy, who is also Director of the French Institute in Vietnam, described 2018 as a special year for Vietnamese – French cultural exchanges.
Vietnamese, French researchers explore wide-ranging partnerships hinh anh 2Hundreds of books featuring Vietnamese and French culture are displayed as part of the seminar (Source: VNA)

“A new approach to studies on Vietnam is taking shape in France,” he said, adding that numerous scientific studies were carried out in history, social sciences, humanity, archeology, political science and literature.

Vietnamese and French scholars, lecturers and researchers are seeking to form and develop the international research groups in education, social sciences and humanities from this seminar, and for the bigger aim of contributing to the development of Vietnamese-French strategic partnership. 

Professor Minh reiterated that the traditional relations between Vietnam and France were mainly on culture and education, expecting that the seminar and others in the future will help enhance the reputation of French language.

The two countries’ researchers will deal with a wide range of topics, such as educational studies; literature and linguistics; philosophy and religion; history, archeology, ethnology and anthropology; arts; sociology, psychology and social work.


Vietnamese, French researchers explore wide-ranging partnerships hinh anh 3Professor Michel Espagne, Director of the French CNRS (Source: VNA)


“We can learn from each other,” Professor Michel Espagne said. “The exchange and comparison of orientations of Vietnamese and French scientists can create new knowledge and new studies.”

The two-day event, co-hosted by the Hanoi National University of Education and the Paris-based École Normale Supérieure of France, was opened on April 16 in coincidence with the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam – France diplomatic relations.

Vietnam and France officially set up diplomatic ties on April 12, 1973. The two nations decided to establish the Strategic Partnership in 2013.

France regards education and training as a priority in its cooperation with Vietnam, focusing on French language teaching and human resources training at tertiary and post-graduate levels in various areas like economic management, banking, finance, law and new technology.

The French Government allocates about 5 million EUR (6.1 million USD) for cultural cooperation with Vietnam each year, including support for French culture centres in Hanoi (L’Espace), Ho Chi Minh City (Institute of Cultural Exchange with France – IDECAF), Hue and Da Nang.  

As members of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF), Vietnam and France have many cooperation activities within the organisation, especially in teaching French, higher education and parliamentary activities. 

Currently, around 300,000 Vietnamese people are living, studying and working in France, 40,000 of whom have tertiary or postgraduate degrees. Many of them are working in universities, research institutes and administrative agencies of France.-VNA

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