The Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VFU) and German Farmers’ Association (DBV) have agreed to continue a joint vocational training project between 2015 and 2017.

An agreement to this effect was signed by VFU Chairman Nguyen Quoc Cuong and DBV President Joachim Rukwied in Berlin on January 23.

Under the agreement, 15 teachers from VFU’s vocational training centres and skilled farmers will attend a short-term course in Germany each year.

A specialist information session for VFU’s senior officials will be held annually in Germany while a workshop gathering Vietnamese and German vocational teachers will take place in Vietnam.

By late 2017, at least 30 VFU’s vocational training centres will have one teacher sent to training courses in Germany.

The first stage of the project from 2012 to 2014 benefited scores of Vietnamese vocational teachers and farmers via training sessions and workshops.

German experts also introduced agricultural training models to Vietnamese cities and provinces, said Rukwied.-VNA