Vietnam 's Duong Thuy Vy has became the first Southeast Asian woman to win a place in the main round of the Philippines Open Pool Championship.

Vy defeated Chinese Taipei's Lai Hui Shan 7-3, spoiling an all-Chinese Taipei showing on the final day of the qualifying stages at the Star Billiards Centre.

She pounced on every miscue committed by Lai, including a crucial miss on the nine into the corner.

When Vy finally nailed the last ball, her few supporters in the audience gave her a thundering cheer.

"I came here without setting myself a high target," Duong said. "I only wanted to do my best. This tournament is a good chance for me and my teammates to learn valuable experience. We don't have many competition in Vietnam ."

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan Chun of Chinese Taipei, the former Amway World Women's Champion and a gold medallist at the Doha Asian Games, made her way through to the main draw after trouncing compatriot Tsai Pei Chen 7-4.

Vietnam now has two representatives in the key round of the event, which takes place on April 7 and runs until April 11.

Nguyen Phuc Long, who made it through to the knockout stages of the World-8-ball Championship in the United Arab Emirates , is Vietnam 's sole invited representative at the world-class tournament organised by the international billiards governing body - the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Players from 30 countries will compete in both the men's and women's events. /.