A Vietnamese product week was launched at Casino Saint-Didier in Paris, France on September 22, featuring a range of products, including fresh and dried fruits, frozen seafood and traditional ingredients.

Organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the Casino Group, the leading retailer and distributor in France, the event aims to promote Vietnamese products on the French market.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa u nderlined the significance of the event, saying that it marked the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between Vietnam and France one year ago.
She praised Vietnamese-French cooperation, particularly the Casino Group’s successful investment in Vietnam, with its Big C supermarket chain operating all over the country.

Laurent Zecri, General Director of Big C Vietnam said the company made every effort in the last 15 years to help Vietnam develop modern distribution systems and actively assisted Vietnam’s production and export sectors.

Over 90 percent of goods sold in Big C supermarkets are made in Vietnam, he noted, adding that his firm wanted Vietnamese enterprises to export their goods via the Big C supermarket supply chain.

Laurent Zecri revealed that his firm exported over 1,100 containers of Vietnamese products, including 800 different items, to more than 20 countries through the Big C supply system in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung spoke highly of Big C’s efforts to promote Vietnamese products in French supermarkets, saying that the event was a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to meet French retailers and consumers, thus further boosting export.

The diplomat suggested similar events be organised in other French localities in the future. He also called on Vietnamese businesses to explore the French market carefully in a bid to meet customers’ demands.-VNA