Vietnamese goods occupies up for around 70 percent, even 90 percent in some places, of the domestic market, with supermarkets remaining the biggest channel of local goods distribution. Many supermarkets have made efforts to introduce more Vietnamese goods to consumers


Recently, supermarkets nationwide have been busy taking measures to introduce Vietnamese goods to local consumers, especially items like vegetables, fruit, food, and home appliances.

With trusted quality, reasonable prices, and heaps of promotion programmes, Vietnamese goods have won the hearts of more and more consumers.

The ratio of consumers who choose Vietnamese goods in supermarkets has seen sharp increase. However, to maintain the public’s tendency towards domestic goods, enterprises should further improve their standards of quality.

The “Vietnamese give priority to Vietnamese goods” campaign has hugely expanded the desire for Vietnamese goods on the market. However, to maintain and develop the campaign, enterprises should take the initiative in improving the quality of its goods, expanding distribution channels, and implement commitments in promoting consumers’ rights. –VNA