Statistics show that of the total number of roughly 13,000 Vietnamese people living in Singapore, nearly 3,000 are working for state agencies and economic sector in the country, not to mention nearly 5,000 students here.

Vietnamese intellectuals in Singapore are mainly young, with many of them being outstanding professions, experts who are leading gurus in various fields and globally acknowledged.

No matter what position they hold, the intellectuals always desire to make contribution to the homeland, while learning from the host country to develop Vietnam.

This also worries Vietnamese businesses when there are more and more Vietnamese firms registered in Singapore.

Being a small island country but Singapore is on a high level of management. Meanwhile, Vietnam boasts huge potentials but its management skills are limited.

Vietnam is changing vigorously.  It’shightime the intellectual community realized the country’s demand and made efforts to join hands to contribute more to their homeland’s development.

With their acknowledge positions in the host country, the Vietnamese intellectuals in Singapore always hope to make greater contribution to theỉ homeland, while helping boost the bilateral ties between the two countries.- VNA