The second-generation children of Vietnamese people overseas are exceptionally good at their studies and no other immigrant group in Germany has been more successful at school than the Vietnamese.

This was an assessment by Martin Spiewak in an article published in the Deutschland magazine last September.

He said that nearly 50 percent of Vietnamese children in Germany make it to high school. This also means that a large number of Vietnamese pupils study hard for the Abitur, the German school-leaving and university entrance exam.

About 30 percent of those selected for scholarships from the Start Foundation, an organisation that supports gifted immigrant pupils in eastern Germany, are Vietnamese, he wrote.

Spiewak quoted Karin Weiss, Brandenburg's Commissioner for Foreigners' Affairs, as saying that the grades of Vietnamese pupils are in stark contrast to the picture we otherwise have of children from an immigrant background.

This educational miracle, which has been documented in the US for years, is now being repeated in Germany, she said.

According to Weiss, Vietnamese kids study hard and their parents give them a lot of attention and these factors have helped to create the “Vietnamese Miracle” in Germany.

Despite living abroad, the majority of Vietnamese families still maintain their traditional moral values. The children have respect for their parents and have ambitions to become successful in German society, the author wrote in conclusion./.