Vietnamese, Korean directors join hands in post-war-period drama hinh anh 1Actresses and actors bring the drama alive (Photo: VietnamPlus)
Hanoi (VNA) – Directors Lam Tung of Vietnam and Kim Min-jeong from the Republic of Korea (RoK) have worked together to create a drama about the wounds people carry in their hearts after the war and women’s desire for happiness. The special art project aims to celebrate the 30th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries this year.

As heard at an October 12 press conference, the play's script was adapted by author Vu Thi Thu Phong from Duong Huong’s novel 'Ben khong chong' (Quay of the spinsters) which has been adapted to film several times. It is a joint work between the Vietnam National Drama Theatre and the Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers (KAPAP).

The drama is set in Dong village, a typical rural village in the Northern Delta of Vietnam. Characters in the story are women caught between the backward customs and prejudices from their families and neighbours. The objections are like knives that cut deeply into each person, but overcoming all those misfortunes, they find love, sacrifice, and a desire to rise up in life.

The script touched the heart of director Kim, who said that she did not feel strange when reading it because Vietnam and the RoK share many similarities in culture and history.

The countries, both experiencing the trauma of war, have a will to look to the future, she said, expressing her honour to participate in staging a meaningful work like this to celebrate the 30th founding anniversary of the RoK-Vietnam diplomatic ties.

Kim said the story has a human meaning and a tolerant perspective on the status of women, especially those living in the post-war period. They desire happiness and deserve to be happy, she added.

According to the director, during the production of the play, she focused on building the image of Hanh, a strong Vietnamese girl. This character can serve as a symbol, opening a new path for Vietnamese women to rid themselves of barriers and outdated customs in society.

She said the process moved her multiple times and co-working with Vietnamese artists was a wonderful experience.

“Director Lam Tung and I had discussions and debates to find the most appropriate direction for the play. Although the language difference made the work a bit inconvenient, we still found a common artistic point of view. Most importantly, the 13 Vietnamese actors and actresses involved were all great,” said Kim.

The first shows of “Ben khong chong” will be staged in the RoK on November 12 - 13. In Vietnam, the play and other outstanding performances of the National Drama Theatre will serve the audience from December 7 - 18, on the occasion of the theatre’s 70th anniversary.

Meritorious Artist Nguyen Xuan Bac, Director of the Vietnam National Drama Theatre, said the play is the first step in an important project of the two art units overseen by the countries’ ministries of culture, sports and tourism.

According to him, both nations have been at war. People living in wartime and post-war period carry 'wounds' that need to be healed.

Production director of the play Um Dong-youl expressed his hope that through this project, the Korean audience can learn more about the culture of Vietnam and Vietnamese artists’ talent.

Echoing Bac’s view, he described the project as a prerequisite for more cultural cooperation projects between the two countries in the future./.

 Vietnam and the RoK elevated their diplomatic relations, set up in 1992, to a comprehensive cooperative partnership in 2001 and then a strategic cooperative partnership in 2009. They are planning to lift the bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership this year.