The Vietnamese community in Udon Thani province, northeastern Thailand, has set up a school to teach Vietnamese language within the area of Khanh An pagoda. It not only helps popularise the mother tongue to the next generations of  overseas Vietnamese in Thailand, but also preserves Vietnam’s culture in the host country.

The living room of Khanh An pagoda has been turned into a class for students to study.

Anh Hong, student: "My name is Anh Hong. I am 10 years old. I am very interested in learning Vietnamese language."

The class takes place at night, from 7 to 9 pm. Students, aged from 6-70, are divided into 11 levels, from beginner to advanced.

Students go to school with different purposes, for daily communication or business. However, they have a common goal; understanding and preserving Vietnamese culture.

Hoang Thi Ly, student: "Though I am at the advanced level, I still go to the class to improve my knowledge and act as an example for my children."

Apart from the efforts of the Vietnamese community in the locality, the school also receives support from the overseas Vietnamese committee under the Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry and the overseas Vietnamese business association in Udon Thani.-VNA