A training course on the “one-stop-shop” model for Vietnamese and Lao officers working at Lao Bao and Densavan international border gates began on December 26.

Some 50 Vietnamese and 30 Lao officers will learn about customs process, procedures and management of the new border control system during their five-day course.

The new system allows people and goods to undergo one customs check only in the entry border gate. Besides, if any breach is found, it will be handled by the law of the entry country.

The “one-stop-shop” model is considered as a breakthrough in the reform of customs administrative procedures by remarkably shortening customs clearance time and reducing costs.

The model ran on a trial basis at the Densavan border gate of Laos from December 25 and is to undergo a test run on the Quang Tri side in January, 2015.-VNA