Vietnamese movie to compete at Seoul festival hinh anh 1Family tale: A scene from Here Comes The Sun. (Photo: facebook of movieteam)
Hanoi (VNA) - The Vietnamese film O Day Co Nang (Here Comes The Sun) will compete at the 6th Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival 2018 (GUKIFF) from May 10 to 17.

The movie will compete in the GUKIFF Kids Live Action Feature category, which is one of the main categories. The festival will present the best of contemporary and classic films for children, young people and families and feature the most outstanding children’s films produced in every part of the world.

The film revolves around the character Tung Nhan – an MC living with his beautiful lover. Suddenly, Nhan’s son, the result of a relationship many years ago with his ex-lover, shows up unexpectedly.

For Nhan, adopting the child means a scandal and a career that could be ruined, but seeing the helpless boy and remembering his own difficult past, Nhan decides to raise the child. The warmth between father and son slowly develops. 

This decision leads to a number of comedic situations for the family, with many laughs to be had. The film presents the audience with an important message: In modern society, family is not only blood relations but also the connections of the soul.

"People are busier in modern society and they have to leave the family for studying and working earlier than their parents’ generation. They begin to build closer relationships with strangers. This phenomenon presents a new concept about family, that a family isn’t just about blood relations but is also created by love and soul," said famed screen writer Viet Linh.

The movie was directed by Do Nam featuring Quy Binh, Quynh Chi and little Gia Bao. The movie was shown nationwide and is considered a family favourite. 

Founded in 2013, this year’s Gukiff festival has the slogan “The film is the way to achieve my global dream,” and aims to select films based on quality and originality. It also promotes contacts between industry professionals and educators to assist in developing the role cinema plays in the education and the enrichment of young people.

The festival has five other categories, including Gukiff Live Action Short; Gukiff Kids Documentary Feature; Gukiff Kids Documentary Short; Gukiff Kids Animated Feature and Gukiff Kids Animated Short.

The winners will be awarded 30,000 USD in total with trophies.

"Gukiff is a film festival that encourages children to take the spotlight so that they can dream, imagine and learn about movies," said Sung Lee, Chairman of Gukiff on