Music composer and pianist Hoang Thi Kieu Anh was honoured during Author Day, held by the Eugena Suchona Basic Art School in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital.

Author Day is organised to honour composers who made substantial contributions to Slovakian music and are prominently featured by young candidates in Slovakia’s national piano contests.

Author Day’s key event was a performance night of 29 famous works by Anh on the piano and a few instruments; it was a resounding success.

On the occasion, Vietnamese culture and traditional music was introduced to the Slovak public.

Anh said it was a great honour to be the first foreign composer in 30 years to be the main honouree of Author Day.

Born into a family with a background in music in Thanh Hoa, Anh was sent to study at the Slovakia Academy of Music after graduating from the Vietnam National Academy of Music and has lived there since then.

She has composed around 100 works so far, many of which are popular in the Slovakian music community.-VNA