Doctors from Company No. 12 under the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence on Sept. 4 presented gifts to 150 poor patients who are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Cambodia ’s Santouk district.

The Vietnamese doctors also joined their Cambodian colleagues from Hospital 79 to provide free medical check-ups and medicine to 200 patients at the Santouk hospital.

Also on Sept. 4, representatives from the Ministry of National Defence’s Economics Department handed over 10 sets of computers and more than 4,000 notebooks to the Bantok secondary school in the capital city of Phnom Penh .

The military officers, who are hosting the Vietnam Trade Fair 2009 in the neighbouring country from Sept. 2-6, also donated an additional six sets of computers, over 4,000 notebooks and a number of teaching aids to a local school which has been set up by the Vietnamese community in Cambodia./.