A Vietnamese delegation led by Tran Quoc Vuong, Secretary of t he Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee paid an official visit to Cuba from November 12-15 after attending the second theory seminar between the two countries’ Communist Parties in Havana.

During talks between Vuong and his Cuban counterpart Jose Ramon Balaguer, the two sides hailed the theory seminar as a good opportunity for the two parties to learn from each other’s experience in implementing policies on economic development and socialism-building in their respective country.

Balaguer congratulated the Vietnamese Party, Government and people on the achievements they have made in the renewal process, national construction and development in recent years.

He also briefed the guest on his country’s roadmap for updating socio-economic development models, saying that initial results in this process have given Cuba valuable lessons in order to implement more drastic policies in the building of prosperous and sustainable socialism.

For his part, Vuong reiterated the consistent stance of the Vietnamese Party, State and people to support Cuba’s righteous struggle cause, adding that Vietnam hopes the US will soon lift its over 50 year embargo against Cuba.

During their stay, the Vietnamese guests had a meeting with representatives from the Cuban Communist Youth Union and visit several localities in the country.-VNA