A delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), led by To Huy Rua, a politburo member and CPV Central Committee’s Secretary, made a visit to Japan from Nov. 5-11 in the invitation of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP).

During the visit, the delegation was received by JCP President Kazuo Shii and held a discussion on socialism theories with JCP.

At the meeting with JCP President Kazuo Shii, Rua expressed thanks to the JCP for their solidarity and comradeship to the CPV and Vietnamese people.

He highlighted JCP’s achievements in ideology and theory as well as in mass mobilisation to intensify the fight for peace, democracy and social progress in line with JCP’s platform and policies.

He said the third theoretical discussion between the two parties was significant for the implementation of the Vietnamese revolution’s long-term goals and also contributed directly to the preparation of proposed documents for the CPV’s 11 th congress.

President Kazuo Shii said he was glad at the development of the two Parties’ relationship. He stressed that theoretical discussions, beginning in 2007, between the two parties is a practical exchange to promote mutual understanding and work out theories to deal with new tasks arising from the path toward socialism, and suggested the two parties continue their regular exchanges.

The JCP leader conducted a briefing on his party’s activities for people, democracy and social progress in Japan , and for a peaceful and nuclear weapon-free world. He appreciated Vietnam ’s renewal and wished to develop traditional relations between the two parties.

At the theoretical symposium in Tokyo on Nov. 8, the two sides discussed current issues related to socialism and adjustment of models and policies in the context of the global economic crisis.

The two sides analysed major changes of the modern world that are affecting and governing the development of countries, including Vietnam and Japan , and difficulties and challenges on the development process of each party.

The two sides underlined the necessity of theoretical discussions and agreed to see the discussions as part of their cooperation programme.

During their stay in Japan , the Vietnamese delegation took part in the 40 th festival of the Akahata newspaper, an organ of the JCP.

After Tokyo , the delegation visited the cities of Osaka and Nara to study local Party activities./.