The Vietnamese People Association in the Republic of Korea on May 20 officially opened its headquarters in Incheon city, about 50 km east of Seoul.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to the RoK Tran Trong Toan praised the association’s provisional executive board and its branches in helping the Vietnamese community integrate into the host country.

He highlighted the association’s contributions to the friendship and cooperation between the two countries although it was established just over one year ago on Dec. 22, 2010.

The ambassador expressed his hope that the office will connect and assist the Vietnamese community in the RoK and that the association will launch more activities to consolidate the solidarity among the community and boost exchange between the two countries’ people, contributing to the Vietnam-RoK relations.

The association’s Provisional President Tran Hai Linh thanked the Vietnamese Embassy, RoK offices and businesses for their support.

He took the occasion to review the association’s activities over the past time, such as participating in international cultural festivals in the RoK to promote the land and people of Vietnam and organising programmes to assist Vietnamese brides and children of multi-cultural families./.