Since its launch a decade ago, the “Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese goods” campaign has gained significant achievements. Local producers have improved their product quality and in return, Vietnamese people now have more trust in domestic goods.

The “Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese goods” campaign has assisted Vietnamese firms in building their brand name and bringing their products closer to domestic consumers. Now, over 90 percent of domestic consumers use locally-made products on a daily basis, even those in far-flung areas.

Previous drawbacks of Vietnamese goods included limited brand identity and origin traceability. Since the campaign, enterprises have been encouraged to expand their distribution channels and improve technology to meet strict international standards.

Within the campaigns, many promotion programmes have been implemented nationwide as a bridge between domestic producers and consumers. Not only does the campaign focus on improving B2C and B2B relationships, but it also gives B2G relationships a boost by increasing the presence of local goods in public procurement. –VNA