The play “Chuyen chang dung si” (The story of a courageous man) performed by the Vietnam National Drama Theatre was granted an award of excellence at the second ASEAN-China Theatre and Drama Festival in China earlier this month.

The theatre said on October 29 that the organising board also presented individual awards to Le Ngoc, Ta Tuan, Tung Lam, and Mai Huong, who played key roles in the play.

The piece, directed by famous artist Anh Tu, is made for children and adapted from the “Dam San” epic told by the Ede ethnic people in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. It was staged in Vietnam for the first time at the beginning of October 2014.

Last year, “Cai lao hoan dong” (Rejuvenation), another play by the Vietnam National Drama Theatre, was voted most popular play at the festival.-VNA