Six Vietnamese enterprises are taking part in the Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair held from July 10 – 12 at the Marina Bay Sands, Expo and Convention Centre.

They bring to this year’s event their handmade products, including wooden model boats, butterfly pictures, accessories made from horns and clam shells, stuffed toys, paper bags, wool and yarn gifts and toys, rice paintings, together with toys and gifts made from paper craft.

Among the six enterprises, the Thien Thuong Co. Ltd. participated in this annual fair for the second time. Last year, at this event, they won some contracts worth about 200,000 SGD.

The Thien Thuong Co. Ltd’s products have been for years exported to the US and the EU, according to Vuong Dinh Soai, a representative from the company.

Through this fair, he said, the company would like to explore markets in Asia, especially Hong Kong (China) and Singapore whose customers prefer skilful, handmade decorative articles.

Rice paintings of the Viet Mano attracted interests from many foreign enterprises. Rohana Rahman of the Sweet Touch Ceramic Sdn Bhd from Malaysia said the paintings are “very impressive in terms of ideal” while Jyri Jarock of the HEF Group of Finland described rice paintings as “special” among paintings of his knowledge.

Visiting the Vietnam Pavilion, Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Tran Hai Hau expressed his wish that with assistance from the Vietnamese Government, the small-scaled enterprises showcasing at Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair 2013 will receive orders for export items, thus generating more jobs for golden-hand handicraft men in Vietnam.

With an exhibition space of over 4,500 square metres and 158 participants from over 30 countries and territories, the fair is the largest and most successful trade show of its kind-VNA