Vietnamese products are being introduced at NTUC FairPrice, Singapore’s biggest supermarket chain, from June 4-17.

This is the second time the event has been organised, and a number of new staples are being offered on this occasion, including frozen fish fillets, sapodillas and coconuts.

Deputy Speaker of Singapore's Parliament and CEO of NTUC FairPrice Seah Kian Peng stated he has visited Vietnam several times, during which “pho” (noodle) and coffee are his favourite foods, leading him to want to introduce Vietnam’s quality products to consumers in Singapore.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Nguyen Tien Minh affirmed that the event is part of efforts to expand the presence of Vietnamese goods in the choosy Singaporean market.

Looking forward, the Vietnamese Embassy will work to bring more Singaporean enterprises to Vietnam to assist in applying Singaporean standards in Vietnam during the production process.

Trade Counsellor at the Vietnamese Embassy Nguyen Viet Chi suggested Vietnam’s small- and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of opportunities brought by the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community by the end of this year to expand exports to Singapore.

Trade between the two countries has seen an average growth rate of 12 percent a year with Vietnam’s export turnover to Singapore reaching 4 billion SGD (2.9 billion USD).

In early 2015, Vietnam became one of the 10 biggest trade partners of Singapore for the first time.-VNA