A mosaic of maritime sovereignty marker made from 6,000 made-in-Vietnam items, the biggest-ever, will go on display at 71 Saigon Co.op marts nationwide.

The landmark was installed by Saigon Union of Trade Cooperative (Saigon Co.op) and made its first public appearance at a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on August 23.

The initiative is to encourage the use of high-quality Vietnamese products while affirming national sovereignty over sea and islands, said Chairman of Saigon Co.op’s Board of Directors Nguyen Ngoc Hoa.

Besides, Saigon Co.op launched a follow-up campaign “Pride of Vietnamese goods 2014”, aiming to involve over 600 local distributors of food, consumer goods, household appliances, cosmetics and apparel in its biggest stimulus programme this year.

The event, in response to the drive “Vietnamese prioritise Vietnamese goods”, will also bring goods to outlying districts and industrial-processing zones.

It will run until September 14.-VNA