A seminar themed “Vietnamese prose – Integration and Development” was held in Hanoi on March 3, attracting writers, poets, and translators from Vietnam and more than 40 other countries and territories.

Professor Phong Le presented Vietnam’s modern prose, from the 1990s through present day, noting that it is rapidly entering a new era with substantial changes brought about by intensive international integration in all fields, including literature.

Many participants at the seminar remarked on the rich diversity of Vietnamese prose, adding that a number of local writers have gained a firm foothold in the world.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman of the Laos Writers’ Association Phiulavan Luongvanna said literature is meant to draw people together and inspire sympathy, but that this original intention has been lost in modern day.

To integrate and develop, Vietnam, Laos, or any other country and territory must nurture their people’s awareness and sentiments first, and that literature presents a profound and delicate means of doing so, she said.

Writer Igor Britov from the Russia Today news agency suggested Vietnam should amplify promotion of its works in other countries, including Russia, to drive its literature’s integration and development.

The popularisation in Russia will be effective when the two countries’ Governments, Embassies, writers, researchers, organisations, and businesses cooperate, he added.

The seminar was part of a series of events hosted by the Vietnam Writers’ Association from March 1-7 to popularise the nation’s literature.-VNA