Leaders of press agencies of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party of Russian Federation have discussed the role of communist papers in protecting the soundness of Marxism-Leninism in the current situation as well as their cooperation in the future.

Truong Giang Long, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review - the theoretical and political organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee – and Boris Komotskiy, Editor-in-Chief of the Pravda (The Truth) newspaper of the Communist Party of Russian Federation touched upon these issues during their recent meeting in Moscow.

Long stressed that Vietnamese people always keep in mind the image of a communist newspaper of Lenin, whose history is closely connected with the great Russian October Revolution and socialism in the Soviet Union.

Komotskiy informed his guests of the political situation in Russia in recent years, noting that readers have paid special attention to different aspects of activities of Communist parties in the world, particularly in countries that are pursuing the path of socialism.

During their stay in Russia from July 5-7, the Vietnamese delegates had meetings with leaders of some other Russian newspaper and KPRF representatives in Ulyanovsk city./.