A delegation from the Ministry of Science and Technology led by Minister Nguyen Quan met with Lao Prime Minister Thongsin Thammavong on September 4 as part of their visit to Laos from September 4-7.

Quan briefed his host on the outcomes of cooperation between the two ministries, focusing on major areas including bio-technologies, new energies, intellectual property rights and information technology.

The excellent results have been a great help to the development and international integration in both countries, said the minister.

He also informed the Lao leader about his ministry’s future plans, saying that Vietnam will do its utmost to enhance cooperation with Laos in science and technology, human resources development and information exchange.

Quan said he hoped that the PM will pay more attention to cooperation between the two ministries, which will help implement the economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation strategy for the 2011-2020 period that both countries had ratified previously.

Thongsin Thammavong asked Vietnam to continue supporting Laos in science-technology, especially in training and information exchange, to boost the special solidarity between both countries.

As scheduled, on September 5, the delegation will attend a meeting in Khammouane province as part of the activities to mark the Vietnam-Laos Solidarity and Friendship Year 2012.-VNA