HCM City (VNA)SSI Securities Corporation, one of leading securities firms in Vietnam, on December 15 signed a contract for a 85-million-USD unsecured loan with a group of nine foreign banks led by the Union Bank of Taiwan (UBOT), the largest bank of Taiwan (China).

The 12-month loan is the largest amount that a securities firm of Vietnam has received from foreign banks so far. Earlier, the SSI got a 55 million USD loan from an financial institution group led by SinoPac to become the first security company in Vietnam to access foreign unsecured loans.

A representative of the SSI said that the expansion of foreign loan limit will lay the foundation for the firm to develop its business areas in a more effective manner. The firm plans to allocate the investment in securities services and bond dealing, said the representative, adding that this will help SSI enhance its competitiveness and optimise its capital resources.

SSI is the biggest securities company in Vietnam. As of September 30, 2020, the charter capital of the firm had reached over 6 trillion VND, while its total property was worth nearly 27 trillion VND./.