In celebration of World Cup 2014, the consumption market in Vietnam has become hotter in recent days, thanks to a series of attractive promotions offered by supermarkets and shops.

Giant electronics supermarket chains like Nguyen Kim and HC are offering a discount of 10-50 percent on many products, especially televisions. Their sales have increased by 20-30 percent and are expected to continue the upward trend during the one-month tournament.

Meanwhile, mobile phone shops have attracted consumers by playing World Cup official songs, including “The Cup of Life” (1998) and “Waka Waka” (2010). They have also launched promotion programmes, cutting their prices by 10-30 percent.

Discounts have also been recorded on sport clothes and accessories relating to the world’s biggest football event.

To welcome the competition, many coffee shops have been decorated and equipped with large-screen televisions to serve football fans.-VNA