Software outsourcing companies will have strong demand for manpower in 2014 as outsourcing orders are expected to pile up, industry players have been quoted by the Saigon Times Daily as saying.

Nguyen Thanh Lam, general director of FPT Software, said that the enterprise will recruit 10,000 new staff for various positions such as project managers, software engineers, software testers, and translators of the Japanese language. They will work in Vietnam and other countries.

The software outsourcing industry is expected to grow strongly next year, pulling up the demand for human resources, Lam said.
In 2013, FPT Software expects to see revenue from the Japanese market jump 40 percent to 100 million USD. The market is hoped to generate 200 million USD in revenue in 2017.

TMA Solutions, another big software firm, said that software outsourcing revenue from the US and North America has surged by 30 percent this year.

As software outsourcing orders from the market are projected to increase next year, the enterprise will recruit hundreds of programmers in the coming time.

Other software firms such as GSC, KMS, CSC, Luxsoft, Aricent and Fujinet also said that they will hire many engineers in 2014. However, they have met challenges in recruitment as the local workforce fails to meet their demands.

The local labor market cannot meet manpower demands of software firms in both quantity and quality, said Lam of FPT Software.

“Now, we cannot recruit enough information technology students that have both professional knowledge and foreign language skills. It is very difficult to obtain manpower goals,” he added.

To cope with the problem, the enterprises have cooperated with training centers to speed up vocational training, transfer their practical training programs to the centers and recruit graduates.

According to the Saigon Times Daily, FPT Software Company and Japan-based Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on December 15 to cooperate in the software sector.

Under the MOU, FPT Software is authorised to supply, deploy and maintain software services.

FPT Software chairman Hoang Nam Tien said the company's revenues come mainly from the Japanese market (over 50 percent) and the firm expects to earn 200 million USD in this market in 2017.

Besides, the number of employees of FPT Software Danang will increase to 2,000 in 2017, including the number of laborers recruited for the new cooperation deal.-VNA