Prof. Odon Vallet, doctor of law at the Paris-based Sorbonne University , has granted 14 scholarships, each worth 5,000 EUR, to Vietnamese students in France.

Most of the recipients are Vietnamese students who are following technological faculties at France ’s universities.

At the presentation ceremony, Prof. Odon Vallet, who set up the Odon Vallet Scholarship Fund from his family inheritance to assist outstanding students in France and Vietnam , said the fund aims to encourage the students to gain better results in study to serve for their homeland in future.

The recipients of the Odon Vallet scholarships will be selected annually by the Rencontres du Vietnam (Meeting Vietnam) organisation of Prof. Tran Thanh Van, a prestigious Vietnamese astrophysicist in France .

In addition to scholarships for Vietnamese students in France , Prof. Odon Vallet also presented the scholarships to thousands of students in Vietnam and funded programmes to assist poor children in the country./.