Bustling shopping atmosphere is being seen in most Vietnamese supermarkets in London, which are offering various kinds of goods for the traditional Vietnamese New Year (Tet).

At such supermarkets in Deptfort, in South London, where a large number of Overseas Vietnamese are living, traditional Banh Chung and Banh Tet, which are essential for Tet, are displayed at the most easily seen place.

Traditional sugared fruit or offerings for altars such as urn, incense and votive papers can also be easily purchased.

Fresh flowers such as peach blossom, sweet-briar and kumquat, which are popular decoration flowers during the Lunar New-Year’s days in Vietnam, along with various fruits, including banana, orange, dragon fruit, papaya, mango and coconut are put up for sale in supermarkets.

According to Do Kim Trong, sales manager of Long Dan supermarket, his supermarket has prepared for Tet months before, and most goods offer in here were imported from Vietnam.

Mrs. Tran, a overseas Vietnamese lives in the UK for more than 30 years said every year, her family always buy traditional goods to celebrate Tet to give her children an understanding of their homeland’s custom.

The expansion of Vietnamese supermarkets in the UK also contributes to promoting the country’s culture to international friends.-VNA