The Association of Vietnamese Students in France (UEVF) has introduced key brands of Vietnamese tea and coffee at the Paris Fair 2011, with an aim of serving as a bridge for made in Vietnam products to the French market and European consumers.

"Trung Nguyen" coffee and "Huong sen" (Lotus) and "Huong nhai” (jasmine) tea, were highly applauded by French and international visitors, thanks to their quality and taste.

Apart from visitors enjoying the Vietnamese drinks, the UEVF booth drew Vietnamese-French students who wanted to learn about Vietnam ’s development, and introduced images and brands of Vietnamese goods to the world.

This was the first time UEVF had participated in the Paris Fair that took place from April 28 to May 9. Thanks to assistance from the Vietnamese Embassy in France , UEVF developed a project called “Each year a Vietnamese trademark is presented in the French market”.

Launched more than a century ago, the annual Paris Fair is the largest trade fair in Europe , presenting goods from countries around the world./.