Vietnamese urban planners have found that the Korea’s green U-City model is one of the best options for Vietnam’s urban development.

At the international seminar on smart urban planning and development in Vietnam held in Hanoi on November 7, participants drew the conclusion that a smart city model called green U-City is one of the most effective models to help Vietnam ’s urban areas develop stably.

The event was co-organised by the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association and the Republic of Korea’s Research Institute for Human Settlements.

Ubiquitous City (U- City) is a Korean urban development model that seeks to overcome the fundamental limitations of development in traditional cities by integrating cutting-edge IT technology into urban space and creating a sustainable, human-oriented city. The U-City has also been included a greater focus on ecological technology.

Participants said that green U-City would be a successful solution if applied in Vietnam. Transport, environment and crime prevention would be kept under control as the U-City model provides residents with real-time traffic data, e-medical support and disaster information by using advanced IT infrastructure.

To realise the model in Vietnam, it should develop a strategic roadmap with concrete plans and a synchronous infrastructure system, said Lee Kae Yong, the Institute’s director.-VNA