Vietnamese water puppetry has fascinated thousands of audiences during the Darwin Festival 2014 that took place in Darwin city, Australia's Northern Territory.

Performed by puppeteers from Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in four nights from August 21-24 at Darwin Waterfront, the 40-minute shows featured the daily lives of people in rural areas of Vietnam as well as the country’s culture and history.

The audiences also had a chance to enjoy Vietnamese folk music played as background music of the shows.

Chu Dac Duoc, Vice Director of the theatre, said she and her colleagues are delighted to introduce a piece of Vietnamese traditional culture, a great creation of Vietnamese, to foreign friends.

Michael Bruno, 42, a local in Darwin city, said he and his family, especially his kids, are mesmerised by the amazing performances. Bruno, who attended all the shows through four nights, said the classic fairytales told with the traditional art form of Vietnamese water puppetry revived his vibrant childhood.

The annual Darwin Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Australia . This year, the event ran from August 7-24, with various performances and event, including music, theatre, visual art, dance, cabaret and concerts.-VNA