Participants at the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Seoul (VNA) – Vietnamese agencies held a meeting on November 26 with Vietnamese guest workers in Gwangju city, about 300km west of Seoul, and neighbouring areas, to give them legal consultations and encourage them to return home on schedule.

Addressing the meeting, the second of its kind this year that drew about 300 workers, Minister Counsellor and Vice Ambassador to the RoK Tran Anh Vu noted that with support from both Vietnam and the RoK, many workers have learned skills and saved money under their working contracts in the RoK.

He called on the workers to go back to Vietnam on time, thus giving the vacancies to those who wish to work in the RoK.

Vu also expressed hope to continue receiving coordination from the RoK side and Gwangju province to ensure the legitimate interests of Vietnamese guest workers.

A representative of Gwangju city lauded the contributions of Vietnamese workers to the growth of the locality and the RoK over the years, while revealing that local authorities have applied strict measures to prevent people working illegally.

Meanwhile, Le Manh Hung, Vice Director of the Overseas Worker Centre under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, said those who return home from the RoK on schedule will have a good chance to work in the RoK again, adding that workers returning from the RoK have also received support from the ministry to seek jobs.

During the meeting, Vietnamese and RoK authorities also answered questions raised by guest workers related to their interests after returning home on time, as well as legal problems that they counter in the RoK.

The organisation board also held a contest on Vietnam and RoK law at the event.

Nearly 50,000 Vietnamese workers are working in the RoK, with about 16,000 of them having stayed after their contracts expired. Gwangju city and neighbouring areas host about 3,000 Vietnamese labourers.-VNA