Vietnamese-Danish jazz artist Niels Lan Doky will be entertaining local music buffs on Nov. 28 at the Hanoi Opera House.

Also taking part in the concert, entitled Vong Nguyet (Wishing Upon the Moon 2011), will be bassist Jonathan Bremer and drummer Niclas Bardeleben.

Doky was born in Copenhagen to a Danish mother and a Vietnamese father.

As the first jazz artist in Denmark to become a household name and with a vast discography and a prolific career to his credit, Doky is today one of Denmark's most prestigious cultural icons.

At the Opera House, Doky will perform pieces from his latest album Human Behaviour such as Poem for a Dolphin, Home Sweat Home and The Miracle of You.

Compose QuocTrung and his band The Road to Infinity and guest singer Thanh Lam will share the stage with the Danish trio.

Trung will perform pieces comprised of ethnic elements inspired by various Vietnamese traditional music forms such as cheo (traditional opera) and quan ho (love duet).

Lam will sing Vietnamese songs such as Mot Thoang Tay Ho (A Glimpse of the West Lake) by composer Pho Duc Phuong and the Smiling Sea, which was co-written by Doky and Trung.

"Born and raised up in Denmark, I know about Vietnam through movies such as Heaven&Earth and Indochina. When I met Trung and Lam, I felt the Vietnamese soul through their music," Doky said.

"Through Trung's music, I can imagine the emotions of the country. Trung is a talented contemporary composer."

Doky will alo perform in HCM City Opera House on Nov. 30./.