Vietnamese-French Nguyen Phuc Ky, a founding member of the Van Canh Friendship Village in Hanoi, has been awarded a Medal of Civil and Military Merits (French: Medaille d’Or de l’Office republicain des Merites Civiques et Militaries) of France for his part in the village’s construction.

The medal was presented by the Committee for the Van Canh Friendship Village in Essonne Province and the provincial Association of Republic Veterans (ARAC) in Paris’s outlying city of Palaiseau on April 10.

As a member of the General Union of Vietnamese in France, Ky joined street demonstrations against the American war in Vietnam and made donations to the home country.

Later, he joined architect Vo Thanh Nghia in designing the building of the Vietnamese Embassy in France at 62 Boileau Street in Paris.

He also served as a technical advisor for the embassy and was then honoured with the War Resistance Medal, second class, by the State of Vietnam.

When elected to the ARAC Executive Committee in 1993, he proposed that the ARAC engage in practical actions to support Vietnam, which led to the establishment of Van Canh Village, one of the facilities that care for war veterans and Agent Orange/dioxin victims.

Raphael Vahe, ARAC President and Chairman of the French Committee for the Van Canh Friendship Village, spoke highly of Ky’s role in increasing the friendship and solidarity between France and Vietnam.

He stressed that the decoration is a demonstration of the friendship between the two countries.-VNA