Vietnamese-French pianist and zither artist Tri Nguyen (centre) will perform along with two music groups in the concert Chuyen Lang Du (Wandering Stories) at the Voice of HCM City’s Music Hall on October 27 (Photo from the artist’s facebook)
HCM City (VNA) - Vietnamese-French pianist Tri Nguyen will perform during Chuyen Lang Du (Wandering Stories) concert at the Voice of HCM City’s Music Hall this week.

Two music groups, Stay The Time and Net Viet (Beauty of Vietnam), will accompany Tri. They will play Vietnamese traditional music from various European countries.

The artists will perform Ly Ngua O (Singing about Black Horses), a folk song popular in the central and southern regions.

Ly, a genre of Vietnamese folk songs, developed from children’s songs. It is used in the traditional music of the central royal city of Hue, cheo (traditional opera) in the north, and cai luong (reformed theatre) in the south.

Tri will also play pieces from his first album, Consonnances, released in Paris in 2015. 

Consonnances features the Vietnamese instrument "dan tranh" or "dan tam thap luc" (16-chord zither) and a string quartet including a viola, cello and two violins. 

The album won a Gold Medal at the 2015 Global Music Awards, an international awards event founded in 1989 under the patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, based in Monte Carlo.

Tri began studying music when he was a child. After graduating from the Sai Gon National Music and Drama School (now HCM City Music Conservatory), he moved to France to study at the Ecole Normale de Musicque de Paris.

He is a master of the piano and the Vietnamese zither. He has performed for leading orchestras, theatres and radio stations in the US and Europe. He has also toured around the US and Europe.

He has won prestigious music prizes, including the Global Music Awards Fan Favourite USA and Akademia USA awards. His third album, Beyond Borders, was released in Paris early February.  

Beyond Borders features Vietnamese folk songs, Ly, performed by Corsican artists accompanied by piano and "dan tranh". 

“My music reflects the sounds of my heart and mind and my desire to show the value of Vietnamese music to the world,” said Tri, who has lived in France for 29 years. 

His show at the VOH Hall will begin at 8pm today, at 3 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1.-VNA