Vietnamese-styled pagodas - Annamnikaya pagodas – are flourishing in Thailand with the number reaching 18 since the first one established in Bangkok about 200 years ago.

According to monk Hanh Chon in the Khanh Van (Wat Uphairatchabangrum Pagoda), Bangkok is home to eight Annamnikaya pagodas, including one now under construction.

At present, eight Vietnamese monks are studying and residing in Annamnikaya pagodas in the capital city, including the Khanh Van and Canh Phuoc (Wat Samananambhoriharn), he said.

This year, ceremonies to pray for peace, safety and good luck will take place in Khanh Van Pagoda from Feb. 16-18 (the 14 th , 15 th and 16 th of the first lunar month).

Earlier, close to 1,000 overseas Vietnamese and families of Vietnamese representative agencies’ staff in Thailand joined a new-year safety worshipping ceremony in Canh Phuoc Pagoda, which is a traditional practice of Vietnamese people./.