Vietnam-India ties lifted up to new height: Diplomat hinh anh 1Ambassador to India Pham Sanh Chau (Photo: VNA)
New Delhi (VNA) - The relationship between Vietnam and India has been lifted up to a new height in all fields over the past four years, outgoing Vietnamese Ambassador to India Pham Sanh Chau has stated while granting an interview to WION news channel.

The diplomat noted that Vietnam and India have conducted regular high-ranking delegation exchanges. The two sides have enjoyed sound economic relations, with trade reaching 15 billion USD, and a number of big investments in both countries in two ways, he noted.

Even as political ties have seen firming up, to increase people to people relation 17 direct flights today run between six cities of India and four cities of Vietnam. 

He held that defence now is "one of the most important pillars" of ties with India which "reflects a very high level of mutual strategic trust". The comments come even as defense engagement has seen many fold increase, including high level exchanges. 

Vietnam and India have seen engagement in defense cooperation especially in Defence production. "We are going into the final stage of the 500 million credit line for equipment in defense. Relationship ranges from training to equipment purchase, to equipment production, to geopolitics, to sharing information," he stated.

Asked about his memories of India, the Ambassador said, "the fondest memory for me it's the people itself. India is very generous, Indians treat guest as God, I see this is true. Wherever I travel, I get warm hospitality. Therefore, In India I like travelling. I tried to cover all the states. "

On India's role in the world, the ambassador highlighted that, "India role is growing tremendously high in the world, and everyone wants to come to make case. India is not only growing int terms of economic weight, but political weight, and importantly cultural weight."/.