Vietnam-Laos joint venture support Lao students hinh anh 1A recreation zone for pre-school and elementary school students in Sangthong district built by the LAP and its partner (Photo: VNA)
Vientiane (VNA) – The Lanexang Assurance Public Company (LAP), a joint venture between the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Insurance JS Corporation and the Laos Development Bank, recently launched a programme to support Lao students in Sangthong district of the country’s capital Vientiane.

The venture and its strategic partner DB Kim Jun-ki Culture Foundation allocated more than 45,000 USD to restore an elementary school in Huoitom village in Sangthong, Director of the LAP Do Dang Khang said during a ceremony to hand over the school on February 28.

In addition, a utility pole and transmission lines were constructed to bring electricity to the school, 60km from Vientiane’s centre.

They also built a kindergarten and a recreation zone for pre-school and elementary school students in the district, Khang added.

Headmaster of the elementary school in Huoitom village Bounhieng Soulintha expressed his gratitude for the contributions of the LAP and DB Kim Jun-ki Culture Foundation, which facilitates and encourages the school’s teachers and students.

Earlier in January, the venture handed over scholarships to 10 disadvantaged students with outstanding academic achievements of the National University of Laos. It also presented free accident insurance and 5,000kg of rice for families in the two villages of Paksong and Watluang in Pasong district of Champasak province. -VNA