Hanoi (VNA) - VietnamPlus, an e-newspaper of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), launched its Russian version at https://ru.vietnamplus.vn on March 3, raising the number of languages it is publishing to six, including Vietnamese, English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

VietnamPlus e-newspaper launches Russian version hinh anh 1At the launching ceremony of VietnamPlus's Russian version (Photo: VietnamPlus)

With the debut of the Russian version, VietnamPlus continues to affirm its stature as the only national e-newspaper for foreign service in Vietnam.

The launching ceremony in Hanoi was attended by member of the Party Central Committee and VNA General Director Nguyen Duc Loi, VNA Deputy General Directors Dinh Dang Quang and Le Quoc Minh, and Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin V. Vnukov.

Improving quality of information for foreign service

VietnamPlus promulgates the official viewpoints of the Vietnamese state on political-diplomatic, economic-social, scientific-technological and environmental issues, among others.

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It also promotes the Vietnamese land and people, especially information about cooperation and investment potential, Vietnam’s export strength and attractive tourist destinations.

VietnamPlus e-newspaper launches Russian version hinh anh 2The Russian version of VietnamPlus (Photo: VietnamPlus)

“The birth of the Russian version will help VietnamPlus better perform its tasks of orienting public opinions and rejecting inaccurate information and distortions about the situation in Vietnam in a timely manner, while contributing to relations between the two countries” said Editor-in-Chief of VietnamPlus Tran Tien Duan.

The Russian version will focus on great achievements across spheres as well as the strategic partnership and the warm and faithful friendship between the two countries over the past 70 years (1950-2020), he added.

In the time ahead, VietnamPlus, including its Russian version, will make unceasing efforts to improve information quality, increase the promotion of Vietnam’s image to the world, and serve as a bridge linking international friends with the country, he said.

Addressing the event, VNA Deputy General Director Le Quoc Minh stressed that Vietnam and Russia mark the 70th founding anniversary of their diplomatic ties in 2020.

The launch of the Russian version on VietnamPlus is meant to contribute to the time-tested relations between the two countries and also a practical activity in response to the Vietnam Year in Russia and the Russia Year in Vietnam in 2019 and 2020, he noted, expressing his hope that the e-newspaper and the Russian desk will keep the version updated and diverse in terms of content and form so as to attract more readers to the official news source of the VNA.

VietnamPlus e-newspaper launches Russian version hinh anh 3VNA Deputy General Director Le Quoc Minh speaks at the launching ceremony. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Continuing to take lead in technological application

Minh said as an important information agency of the Party and State, the VNA as applied modern journalistic methods and media technologies that help diversify information content.

To launch the Russian version, from early 2019, VietnamPlus has actively coordinated with relevant VNA departments in preparing personnel, technologies and content of its columns, he added.

According to Duan, with the Russian version’s modern interface, VietnamPlus continues taking the lead in applying advanced technologies so as to better fulfill its task of popularising information for foreign service assigned by the Party and State.

With a user-friendly design, the Russian version features all important sections that are also included in other versions on VietnamPlus like text news, photos, videos and infographics, he continued.

VietnamPlus e-newspaper launches Russian version hinh anh 4VietnamPlus Editor-in-Chief Tran Tien Duan speaks at the launching ceremony. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Appreciating efforts of the VNA and VietnamPlus in particular in strengthening the two countries’ traditional ties, Russian Ambassador Vnukov said he hopes the Russian version of VietnamPlus will help their people learn more about each other’s nations.

He also believed that information in Russian on the newspaper will be welcomed by Russian readers, as well as Vietnamese and foreigners who can speak Russian in Vietnam.

The Russian Embassy in Vietnamese stands ready to support VietnamPlus in terms of information, he pledged.

VietnamPlus e-newspaper launches Russian version hinh anh 5Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin V. Vnukov speaks at the launching ceremony. (Photo: VNA)

The Prime Minister has approved the “Plan on developing some national print newspapers and e-newspapers for foreign service of the VNA” for three news units for foreign service, namely Vietnam News, Vietnam Pictorial and e-newspaper Vietnamplus.

VietnamPlus publishes information in accordance with the State of Vietnam’s official viewpoints on politics – diplomacy, economy, society, science – technology, environment and many other fields. It always targets introducing people and all social aspects of Vietnam, along with cooperation and investment potential and attractive tourist destinations in the country./.